19 September 2010

The MRT and Superpowers

Today, I took a train for the very first time since eons.

And it sucked.

It is NOT a good idea to take trains during peak hours. Trust me, it's a really really bad idea.

Yeah, that's why. And guess what's more?

Fat asses, that's my problem.

There was this really fat, oily and sweaty bastard who somehow managed to squeeze his fat ass right into this sardined cabin despite knowing his mere existence would jeopardize the very lives of those who happen to stand near him.

And I was the very person that stood right next to him. He didn't like, stand standing. He stood with his right arm raised high, holding onto the ceiling and armpit right in my face with a 1mm distance.

Yeah, something like that. But at least, the woman in the picture had the option to turn her head away from the dark side of the force, but I had none. It was so bloody crammed that I could hardly move an inch. There came to a point which I could literally took no more of his black forest that I yelled "Do you mind?! I could hardly breathe here!"

The next thing he did was that he started squeezing his shoulders repeatedly. Then he proceeded to shrink to the size of an ant while realeasing two robotic arms from the back of his armor and activating his jet pack.

He turned into Ant Man.

The only thing that actually happened in the above paragraph is the part which he "started squeezing his shoulders repeatedly". The way he does it make it seems like it's the ultimate solution to obesity and that he really had size-changing superpowers.

What the fcuk is wrong with ya, fatty?!

And also, what happened to that fine for overcrowded trains? Oh right, it was a hefty sum of SGD100 for a company that makes 42 million dollars in just first Quarter of 2009 alone, 0.00024% of that profit. That's so gonna make a difference.

Well then, can I too, suggest passing a bill about letting passengers "sparta" fat asses(who assume that they are slim enough or have superpowers to fit themselves into an already loaded train, endangering innocent lives) right outta the train into the pit of death.

It will probably work out alot better than the fine SMRT is issued.

This trip really reminds me of why I haven't been taking the train lately. SMRT is FML.

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